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Thread: Tren pinning

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    Tren pinning

    Has anyone tried pinning M,W,F with Tren A?

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    Eod 100mgs of tren a

    I normally will do test p. Tren A. Mast p

    Every other day all short esters

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    Same as what XIKiwi said, tren a, test p, mast / 50 mgs each / every day

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    You can do it, but come Sunday and early Monday, you'll be low on it. It shouldn't affect much, I think you should be ok.
    Have you taken Tren before? It can be some nasty shit for some guys, this includes myself. I really can't even do it anymore.
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    If you do that (not the better option), do monday morning (8am), wednesday evening (16pm), friday night (12am).


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