Within 11 days after placing my order every item/package was in my hands. Perfectly packaged and exactly as ordered. My order was broken down into 2 packages, everything was securely shipped, bubble wrap, no cracks or tears and VERY discreet.

In total it consisted of the following:

(6) Test Propinate 100mg injection
(3) Test Sustanon 350mg injection
(2) Trenbolone 200mg injection
(1) Test-E 200mg / EQ 200mg
(1) Masterone 100mg injection
(2) Clomid Oral
(1) Anadrol Oral

It just so happened that one of the products (which was a must have when ordering) was voted at that time "Item of the week" making it half price. All and all dealing with Napsgear was extremely pleasant. I will be ordering from them again real soon. What I found very helpful was under each individual product there is a brief description of what the certain steroid does, what it's best stacked with and a recommendation of how much to use on a weekly basis. I did need to touch base with one of the "Online Chat supporters", they were VERY helpful with answering my questions!