Hello all, I know lots of people are worried about spending the money on HGH due to the cost and all the fakes out there. I purchased the "Lean Bulk" pre-designed stack from Naps Gear (They seem to be out of stock on these for a long time but if you can look at what the stack includes and just purchase those items separately) and also decided to purchase the Grey Top HGH vs the Yellow top that I normally get. When Deployed I use 4IU a day because that is what can be purchased locally and it comes in 4IU in a bottle. However when I am home I use the 10IU bottle and split it into 3 days so 3.3IU a day. But now that I have purchased the Grey tops, wow, my hands are getting so bad that I kicked it down to 2IU a day. This is BY FAR, the best HGH I have used and for the cost of this stuff, the extra amount you get by using less and getting the same results is great. One box use to give me 30 days/shots at 3.3 IU and now I get the same results at 2IU, 50 days/shots per box.

I would highly recommend this to anyone that uses HGH. I am now looking into IGF and will review when I am finished with my cycle.