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    Product of the week vote count seems fishy

    I like the product of the week feature by naps, but lately, I see the vote counts jump.
    I noticed with the Pharmacon 3tren vs. DP Mast., Mast jumped 40 votes in one day and today it jumped 30 votes.
    There is no way that many people logged on and voted for Mast over Tren, 2 different times..
    And it seems DP products are the main winners.
    Just saying it looks controlled by the company.
    Which is fine, but maybe they can offer the stuff they want to get rid of for 50% off and be done. I'm sure they can do 3-day promotions and move a lot of product.
    Good luck with your voting.

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    It's funny you mentioned that, I was waiting until Monday to add Tren to my order thinking it would be the winner and I logged in today and thought WTF. No way it jumped like that in 2 days. It's possible I guess, but I would agree with you, if they want to move product quickly, just do a 3 day sale and make it happen, not play around with the very good "product of the week" feature/votes.
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