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    Cutting cycle Winny/Tren/Clen. Is Test req?

    I am 47yr old. Used gear from 30-40yr old. Been clean for 7 yrs. The last 6 months I've been dieting. I am 5/11, was 240 now 215. I lost so much strength but still want to lose another 10-15 lbs. Also, 2 yrs ago had a partial triceps tear on both arms with made my bench and shoulder press drop a lot. Now I'm healed up thanks to Prolotherapy.

    So, I am thinking about doing this cycle?
    8-10 weeks. Tren 400/wk IM, Winny 100mg/day oral, Clen .4mg/day.

    I have never used Clen before so is this the right dose?

    Also, do I have to add a little Test? I don't want to spend too much $$.



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    After further reading on Clen, it looks like I should only do it for 3 weeks, break for 3 weeks, then 3 weeks back on + add Ketotifen to the mix before bed. Correct?

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    Do u have a healthy heart and cholesterol levels? Winny is harsh especially at 100mg/day. I stick to 50mg/day. Clen will make ur heart race and personally i didnt like it. As far as test goes. Test should be the base of ur cycle. Even if its just 250mg/week. With tren, you wont need that much winny or clen. Tren will lean u out like crazy with just a decent diet and exercise.

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    My heart is good, but thanks for the suggestion of lowering the winny. I will keep to a low Clen dose and add T3 to it. I really want to burn fat in this cycle. I also need Nolvadex/Clomid too for PCT. Is HCG necessary during the cycle too?


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