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    Do you love sleeping?

    I love sleeping.

    I love the moment I nestle down into my bed, covers pulled up to my neck.

    I love my dreams. For some reason I've always tended to have good dreams much more often than bad ones, and they're often vivid and interesting enough to remember.

    I love the way my mind will consider problems while I'm asleep and give me a packet of solutions in the morning.

    I love the feeling that whatever I've done or failed to do today, tomorrow is a fresh start.

    Sleep is just awesome.

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    It helps you to break the monotonous routine, gather your all energies and start your day with a new spark and passion

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    Sleeping is an escape from everything and it gives me something to do rather than think about my problems. I also love dreaming. As a person that has very little

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    Derek, are you retarded?


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