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    32 yrs old looking to bulk

    Hey guys. I'm 32 yrs old 6ft 160 and I'm looking to bulk up significantly. I ordered 4 test E and 4 tren A from hilma. Is this all I will need or should I run some thing with it? Thanks

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    I would have recommended Decca over the tren to bulk. But tren will give u size but ripped look. Not big and bulky in my experience.

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    Can I run the Decca with the tren and test? What Decca exactly?

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    Just stick with the test and tren, its summer time and it will get u bigger for sure. But when u wanna put on size. I love Decca @ 600mg/wk and test e at 500mg/wk. I ran it for 15 weeks and was doing cardio daily. I didnt have any water bloat. Then i ran 5 weeks of tren and was big and lean.

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    Thanks man. Yeah I read alot and I'm gona stick with the tren and test. I might add an oral like winny or anavar. Thanks for the help. Is the hilma biocore good stuff do you know?

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    Plus I'm reading conditions on this. Should I run my tren higher or test higher

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    Have not tried it but im sure itll be good.


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