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    Clean for 10 yrs but want to start back up near 50yrs old

    I used to take AAS back in my 30's up until I was 40. I have been clean since then, but now am nearing 50 and am interested in starting a cycle again. I have recently lost 25 lbs and want to stay on the lean side but just want to get stronger mainly.

    What cycle would you all recommend? I don't want to spend too much cash.

    Can I use Anadrol stacked with Test and a water pill to reduce the bloating? Or is something else preferred.


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    U could probably get away with just some test or decca. With a fairly clean diet and drinking plenty of water i doubt youll bloat much. I didnt

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    Brother, let everything be natural untill using supplement or taking medicine is necessary. Try to drink a lot of water.


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