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    Tore my peck and now returning back to working out

    Im 29, 225lb have about 15 years training under my belt.
    Been on hrt the past 4 years. Was on a test decca dbol stack and tore my peck. Stopped all but the test. Was getting back into the gym this week. Jw what u guys think. My peck is healed up but very weak. Im still on test at 500mg/wk. Just started back in the gym. I wanna lean out by july. How long do u think i need to wait before i add mast or tren to my test or just say screw it and stack em up starting now?

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    Any input or experiences would be cool

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    I would go ahead and stack them now, it will only help bring that pic back. Just start lite and adjust as you feel you can.
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    Thanks for the input. I started back on my decca. Will run the next 7 weeks then i was thinking about jumping right on the test tren mast stack.

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    Thanks for the thread. Helpful one.


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