Decided after many years of knowing about this board, to finally jump on and see whats happening over here.

Long time community vet here. Been involved in this scene and lifestyle for about 3 decades now. Old guy now and just enjoy helping others learn to do this stuff correctly, and of course talking a little shit here and there.

On a cpl other boards, so I am sure I will see some familiar names around and looking forward to meeting a few new brothers/sisters of the game.

stats these days not as impressive as they once were, but I am still no fat old slouch either

5' 8", about 190 most days and hanging at around 12-13%BF. Summer is coming so I will probably drop a few lbs of winter warmth and try to maintain about 10-11%bf throughout the summer.

Competed back in my hay-day (many many years ago), judged a few shows and Emcee'd a couple during my prime.

If you have any questions, just ask. If I can answer I will, if not, well hell, I may still answer with some shit thats just pure lie, but at least it will sound legit.

lastly, any ladies that are needing guidance and an honest opinion on your progress, send all the pics you like. The fewer clothes you have on, the easier it is for me to tell ya what I think. ;P