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Thread: bpc 157 joint

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    bpc 157 joint

    I hava artosis and cartilage probleme into my two knee.
    Who try bpc 157.
    many thanks

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    nobody try bpc 157

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    Hi. I tried it for a couple months. Didn't seem to do anything for me. But it could be different for you. Everyone reacts differently to pain issues and remedies and within expected time frames. For me, if I get any joint issues, I go for surgery to get back on the road to recovery asap. Good luck.

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    Probably not if it acts as an anti inflammatory it may be bad for bone healing. If you are taking any non steroidal anti inflammatories such as naproxen sodium or ibuprofen they inhibit bone growth, found that out the hard way took 3 years and 3 surgeries to fix a broken elbow and the most important thing is these treatments are not approved.


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