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    Newbie saying "Hello!"

    Hey all....
    First time on forums and first time experimenter he he. My name is Lee and I am on my 2nd week of my very first cycle, yep, made it through the anxiety stage of my first injection, and now looking forward to hard work and hopefully tips n advice from fellow members.
    My first cycle is just Test E only, and running weekly at 150mg, yes maybe some may think that low or not, but I am cautious and will adjust depending on results and how I feel. So far the hardest thing is routine with the food and training, I have trained before, but probably, like many, gave up after a year of seeing poor results and also being like the others, believing "muscle products" would give me what I was trying to attain. My age is over 40, and I am quite fit, a keen cyclist and generally in good health. I hope to keep posting a weekly or maybe fortnightly report on here as to my progress and general experience I am having thus far.
    Thanks in advance for the welcome, and hope to speak again soon, good luck to all with your goals and take care, Lee.

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    Newbie saying "Hello!"

    Welcome brother.

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    Welcome to the forum
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