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    Female First Var Cycle

    Hey guys! I am new here. I have been doing a lot of research over this stuff but just a bit of a background on myself. I am almost 24 years old and weigh about 130lbs. I have been lifting for 3-4 years and have competed twice, both in 2016. I am really wanting to do my first cycle, and I think I just want to stick to Var.. especially first. From what I have read the recommendation is 10mg/day for 8-12 weeks. I have looked at Geneza from naps. Any reviews or recommendations???? On brands, dosing, anything????????? Y'all are lifesavers!! Also just nervous ordering for my first time, but I think that is standard.

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    My wife just did her first cycled anavar at 10 per day broke into two doses a day for 6 weeks. Had a great experience. We used Dragon FYI. Naps is the only way to go by the way. I was nervous but the whole process was simple and the product arrived earlier than estimated and packaged discreetly. Definitely the only place I will order from now on. Good luck

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    Hi Carpenter,
    Just to help out, I have just ordered and received my first order from Naps, and yes I was full of anxiety about the whole process and ordering, wondering if it would turn up at all, or if the gear was "legit"
    I can honestly say both concerns were nothing to be worried about, not only was the Test E really high quality, I choose Dragon Pharma for my order, but I thought the whole delivery would take weeks to get to me in England, it was here in under a week!
    Hope this helps settle your concerns, happy training and take care, Lee

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