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Thread: Goodbye Naps

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    Goodbye Naps

    I have been with Naps for years. I have made so many orders over the years I cant count the times. With just an order of viagra this time, Naps has deleted my payment off of the order page for some reason. I have screenshots and emails from cryptocurrency support showing that the transaction completed. I never thought it would happen because any successful company builds a network of return customers. This isnt the Naps, I used to know.

    Goodbye Naps

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    Well, it looks like Naps is still the honest people we always assumed they were. I had to jump through hoops, with screen shots, and even get the cryptocurrency techs involved though. On the order page there is still no record of the transaction. Maybe they are having issues internally. What ever the case may be, it looks like I will be getting my order after all. That means after 20+ orders that Naps has never let me down.

    Thank you for doing the right thing Naps.

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    Man, everything is out of stock. Covid or are they just getting slammed?
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