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    Thoughts on SARMS (ostarine,lgd4033..ect)

    What is everyones thoughts on sarms, and do they work? Pill form or liquid form and why?

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    Get proper gear

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    I am stand with pills.

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    Ive used them before. They work ok. For the cost i would just buy aas. Better results for less money. Although sarms is less suppressive.

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    Liquid works well..

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    pills are okay!

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    I tried pills.

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    A lot of people mentioned that liquid SARMS are more convenient to take because of their no-fuss dosing application.
    They're overlooking one key factor that can easily make or break the success of their SARM use: some active ingredients tend to lose their strength and efficacy in liquid form.

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    SARMS - All of the side effects, very little of the benefits.

    If your going to use gear, use GEAR.

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