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    Winstrol Tabs Help

    I know that many do not like winstrol tabs but thy seem to work for me really well in giving that dry look. I did not think I would be a fan but a friend said to try them and see what they would do for me. Like I said, they weren't great for bulking but gave me a great lean look.

    My question is this...when I tried them before, they were 10mg each so I was able to take them multiple times per day to get my dosage. Now I have 50mg tabs. I don't want to take 100mg a day because that would be too much but I want to take 50mg. I thought I would cut them in half but I am having an issue because they are so small. I know they have a short half life so I want to split the dosage. Has anyone been able to split them up? I tried a razor blade but that was a disaster. I didn't know if anyone would have some experience that could help me out.

    OR could I take 1 tab in the morning and be ok?

    I appreciate your help.

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    I always take mine 1-2 hours before I train and that works great for me.
    Instead of trying to cut them with the razor blade, score them with it, then snap them on a counter top edge. works good.
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    Depends on the quality of the Pressed tab. Some labs have a lesser quality press and makes it hard to split or cut them so they tend to crumble. I would use a pill splitter they cost about 7 Bucks and split them into quarters.

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    Yes, they gave me a great lean look too!

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