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    Hardcore Labs HCL

    In the past, around 2015, I used a lot of Hardcore Labs products. Quality was always good. Does anybody know if they are still around? Quality Roids doesn't exist anymore. Also the product list on the HCL site is now empty.

    I read a lot "actual" news about them. Hairs in tabs and some bad analyses. Also some ppl on the net writing that they are in troubles/busted.

    I don t know if this rumors are fake or not.

    Anybody who knows smtg about the actual situation?

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    Does "Quality Roid" have anything to do with HCL? As I remember Quality Roids was chinese.

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    Yes I use HCL all the time. Products can be ordered through Napsgear

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    I always ordered directly. My question was, has quality changed?

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    quality roids was netherland...

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    HCL is good if you have good source. I take some tren and it is good, even if tren 150 now and 2 years ago have no the same color, but not a problem.

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    Maybe the colour of your tren is not the same because is not the same oil. ..

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    Will Naps continue to sell Hardcore labs in the near future? Noticed they were no longer being offered.

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    HCL hve a good testosterone?

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    never heard about hcl


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