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    Help? This is my first cycle.

    I'm 35 yrs.old 6'4 and weigh around 165.
    I would like to take orals which ones would be good for me to take?
    Wanting to bulk up. I have a really high metabolism.

    Would really appreciate some good advice.

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    Flexin, NO orals are good by themselves. They stop your own production of Testosterone and your left with nothing. This causes issues with a few things. Do a search here on first cycles, you should find everything you need to know and more. Good luck
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    You need to eat. You are basically skin and bones. Eat lean meats like fish, chicken, eggs etc. Lots of clean carbs like rice, beans and veggies. Stay away from processed foods. Get in the habit of 3-5 meals a day. Im 5'10" and was 165 now im 225. Took 5 yrs but im at a lower bf% and gained a lot of muscle

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