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    200lbs, covered in fat, weak 44 old

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a 44 year old weak and tall dude that is interested in using juice. I just started working out to rid myself of my little gut and fat layers over my muscle (what muscle). I'd like a kick start. I'm currently taking a multi vitamin, natural test supps, and protein powder, but not seeing much result. Before I kill myself, give myself higher blood pressure and liver failure, I'd like some advise on what a total novice to juice should start with. All the names, types and terminology is just really confusing me. My goal is not to become a Arnold, just a lean, tight muscle mass with a ripped belly.

    any suggestions?

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    Start with diet, get your diet in check first. Do that diet for some time, you will loose fat as long as your training is in check also. First starting out you should have no issues losing that fat. If you not losing fat, most likely it's gonna be your diet.
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    Gear is not magic. It's like car wax if you have a old rusty car it's not going to help. DNA/genetics helps, but 70% of health/physical appearance happens through diet. You could kill it in the gym and never change your appearance. Supplements are just that. They supplement a good diet.

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