I'm just joking. Hey everyone I'm new to Juiced forums. Glad to see an active forum of educated members!
Haven't been on any forums for along time (Few years). I guess I will start off by talking a little about myself

I am 26, Married (4 years), From Canada. I am a construction worker (+4 years)
Been lifting 10 years, with some minor breaks in between. I did boxing and other fighting styles as a youth. but found my self spending more time lifting dumbbells and barbells. then fighting with sweaty smelly men... lol. I did not enjoy hurting others, found myself enjoying hurting my self instead. dont worry, it was just from lifting. found myself enjoying the monk life of a lifter, like frank mcgrath anamial ad's back in the day. I remember having magazines of bodybuilders before youtube really kicked off. and buying all those stupid supplements, which i regret so much as a young man. I currently don't take any supp's, just some certain and coffee as a pre-work out.

Other then lifting: I am a huge History nerd, and Politics <3

P.s: If you have not noticed i am a terrible speller & reading is difficult for me. I have dyslexic, kinda sucks but all i can do is over come it. so please bare with me

Thanks, Kay aka GermanicPagan