Hey everyone question for you. I've read this forum page several times, and it has helped tremendously with becoming more self aware of estro symptoms etc.

I'm currently in week 5 of PCT, and not really seeing any signs of normal function.

Cycle was 7 weeks of 500mg Test E
Last 10 days I ran Tbol at 40mg a day.

First two weeks of pct were fine, I had zero issues. I was honestly surprised. This was probably largely due to the fact that I still had some esters hanging around.

Right at week 3, the boys completely shrunk and began to experience symptoms of high e2. Which would mean a estro rebound, but I was running the pct protocol as planned.

Clomid 100/100/50/50
Nolvadex 40/20/20/10
Aromasin 12.5/12.5/ 6.25/6.25

Again first two weeks were awesome, now I feel I'm pretty shut down, no libido etc etc.

I'm still running novla at 10mg a day, which keeps the boys swinging, if I don't take it, it's not good..on that same note, I'm also seeing sides of low e2. Lethargic, no drive, terrible memory.

Something isn't adding up here.

So what are your thoughts on handling this? I'm starting to run out of nolva, probably another weeks worth. It's odd to see a mix of symptoms. Grant it I have not done any blood work yet, that will be my next step next week if things don't get better.

Thanks for your time