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    Proviron enough as Estrogen blocker?

    Would proviron be enough as an estrogen blocker in combination with Testprop 200 and Dbol 25mg BID? I was thinking no noticeable bloat, or nipple sensitivity so should be good. Adding something like anastrozole .5mg would be too much, and make estrogen too low correct? I've read how anastrozole is enough for some other AAS but just wanted to be sure proviron is enough with Test+Dbol. Got letrobol on the side in case of gyno issues, but none yet. That's my question. Thank you.

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    I'll take it as no one knows, or everything thinks my question is stupid?

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    I'm likely a lot older..
    But I've never run AI only proviron in my cycles. Everyone is different. Have Novalex on hand is my suggestion.

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