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Thread: Cycle theories

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    Cycle theories

    So I have some theories on my cycle I'm looking to put on the most weight in 8 weeks.

    Anadrol dianabol and test e

    Now to start I've heard that dianabol is a good pe workout but again I'm looking for the most sheer mass possible with this stack. Now due to the half life of both 6ish hours for dbol and 9ish hours for anadrol.

    Peak levels of dbol are about 4 daysish and 6 daysish for anadrol now I've heard people of people switching the two weekly to keep the body guessing sort of a

    600mg every week of test

    7days 50mg anadrol 7 days 50mg of dianabol

    25mg of nolvadex eod for 8 weeks

    But I feel like there can be a better way to make maximum muscle mass with these two muscle builders

    Due to livertoxins I would like to keep to a minimum no I'm not gonna stack dbol and anadrol that's horrible for your liver.

    Maybe 600mg every week of test e

    4 weeks of anadrol 25mg twice a day

    4 weeks of dianabol 25mg twice a day

    8 weeks of nolvadex 25mg eod.

    Would that be a better mass building cycle idea?
    Anything helps thanks guys!

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    I took 25mg of nolvadex eod for 7 weeks and got good result.

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    You may try and let us update.

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    Have you thought about taking both d bol and anadrol at same time.Like a 25mg of d bol and 25mg or 50mg of anadrol. I usually run both . I find a smaller dose of both does not give the sides that one of them at a higher dose would give. Check it out I believe this practice is becoming more common.


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