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Thread: Igf1-lr3

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    Any one familiar with this product a buddy of mine owns a peptide buisness never ran IGF1 Before so finally he talked me into trying some WOW!! I ran a 30 day cycle at 50 mcgs a day along with 300 mgs of prop and 400mgs of tren ace let just say i will not b running anymore cycles without IGF1 I Saw results every week shredded up and put some weight on the PUMPS r unbelievable feels like ur muscles r gonna lock up from the pain LOL anyone else use this?

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    I don't post here often but I agree with you on IGF-1 LR3. I love it I only use one brand but I won't post it. It's hard to trust many pr peptide companys

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    How did you reconstitute the Igf?? Bac or AA?

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    C-Monster I have used it for the past 3 years and I feel the same way about it. My only concern was my last batch wasn't as good as the previous ones. The shit is expensive and it sucks when you don't get what you pay for..If you know a good supplier would you share?

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    Bacteriostatic water


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