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Thread: gh dosage

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    gh dosage

    for my contest I take gh 4 ui after 6 ui in two time .
    for 4 weeks I go to 8 ui , it is better 2x 4 ui or 4 x 2 ui every day
    I prefer 2x 4 ui morning and before bed but you opinion is good

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    better if you split x 3 or x 4. add 3u.i. before gym...(2u.i. morning,3 before gym,3 before bed)

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    Thanks my friend I take canada peptide .very good.

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    for my contest in november I am gonig to try evogene gh very good.

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    somatropin canada is out....or?
    evogene alley(in europe) g2g

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    Ok franck I have sent 2 messages to a friend that have evogene .I am waiting.
    thanks for the evogen never see but sure good gh


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