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    Dosage of adex on 600mg test & 500mg deca week?

    Hi i am currently 3weeks into a cycle on 600mg test e and 500mg deca with 200mg mast p per week also going add 50mg dbol or drol this week which is best? , and i had gyno on my last cycle which was over 8mths ago now which i took letro for, been taking 20mg nolva ed for first 3weeks & i am going to use arimidex as an ai & drop the nolva till pct, but how often and at what dosage do people reccomend i do with me already being prone to gyno? .5mg eod or .5 ed or 1mg eod? Im not holding much water atm and im 28y.o and 12st 7lb at 10% bf right now. Advice would be nice dont want hinder my gains too much but also dont want gyno again

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    .5 EOD is a always a good place to start.If you need more based on the results,you can always add more.Always better to start low.


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