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    First Timer looking for help, I created a stack, looking for insight

    I am 36, 5'7", 240. I am in good shape probably around 18% BF. I have been researching for a few months and an old pro powerlifter has been working with me in the gym. We have put together a 1st timer stack but I want to see what others may think/suggest.

    Here is the stack:

    Weeks 1-12: Test C 250mg/pin 2x/week
    Weeks 1-12: Deca 200mg/pin 2x/week
    Weeks 1-8: Winstrol Oral 50mg/day
    Weeks 1-14: Armidex 1mg/day

    Weeks 14-18: Nolvadex 40/mg/day, 20/mg/day, 20/mg/day, 20mg/day

    I am open to thoughts and insight as I mentioned.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Don't waist your money, Test C or Test E 500mg's a week is all you need for a first cycle. Do a search here on first cycles.
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