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Thread: Blood Pressure

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    Blood Pressure

    Do any of you use blood pressure meds to control your BP during your cycles? Or are any of you on them 365? The reason i ask is i had some serious issues with my BP last time i was on, and was prescribed BP meds, so now all is great, my Dr is very happy with where im at. And im currently off. So to get to the point, my BP is well below perfect now, and i plan on getting back "on" in the near future and am curious if those of you who take BP meds daily even when off cycle have your BP spike when back "on". Or do the meds keep your BP in check ?

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    I give blood often (helps alot) and occasionally take 5mg Benicar

    juice tends to cause my RBC count to go up which increases my BP so I give blood every 8-10wks and all is good.
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    i suggest you speak to your doc, but its not necessary to stay on meds all your life.. it depends what the cause of your high BP was.. e.g sometime.. stress can be the cause and when that stress is gone, your bp comes back to normal


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