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    New to this forum, I've never tried to "bulk"

    I've been in a caloric deficit since the last week of Sept. and am considering switching to a surplus for 2 months then back to a cutting cycle again after that. I've lost about 40 lbs since starting the cut and have never tried to "Bulk" so I'm nervous I'll just get fat again. I'm still pretty overweight between 20-25% bodyfat. I've been eating 2100 calories a day, with one refeed day a week where I eat between 2500-3000. Like I said I've lost 40 lbs so that's about 1.8 lbs per week. I dont think I've lost much muscle because I've continued to make and maintain strength gains in the gym. I just want to give my body a break from the cut and I don't want to burn out. Plus my doctor just switched my TRT dose from 200mg every two weeks to 125mg every week, so I thought this would as good of a time as any. Should I continue dropping fat or try to add muscle for a couple of months? Any help, encouragement or calorie/macro suggestions would be appreciated. I've always lifted and dieted with fatloss in mind so its new territory for me.

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    Hey brother, I would say try to lose more body fat. Try to get yourself down below 20%. If you do a bulk cycle or just try to add muscle at this point, you're not going to see all your hard work, your body fat is still a bit to high.
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    Awesome job so far SRS. as Mr. Big said though you should keep up the loosing before you hit the gaining..first of you will feel better being below 20% and your body will react much better in the Muscle gain being lower body fat. Please don't get discouraged about staying on the cut .. you have been working your ass of to loose 40 lbs already for 6 months what another 3 -6 ..??? Nothing !!!! Summer is coming keep the cut going and next fall/winter do your "bulk" and this time next year you'll be rocking that cut again and feeling fantastic.. keep up the cup bro you will not regret it ... !!! I'll be watching for sure ✌💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

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