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    Reverse scammers meso-RX

    There has been a member there by the name of Flounder , that has been reverse scamming sources.
    Also says it there's others that are doing the same.
    Sources are said to be ask for their wicker account, and then through wicker,( using self destruct messages) are told if they do not give out free gear, and then they will never be accepted at meso. And with the understanding that, they will make sure of it. Those are not direct quotes, but very close to what is being disclosed.
    I don't know if this guy Flounder is on other boards or not, but wanted give a heads up.

    The thread is called,


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    Thanks, if you guys have any problem with anyone, let me know and I will take care of it ASAP!!
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    I did not post the info in the OP, to put meso in a bad light. But I do want sources and members of the community to be aware of who the scammers are.
    The others involved in the reverse scamming shake down of sources, have not been revealed yet. But I am very hopeful that will take place soon.


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    Sounds good brother, I didn't take it that way.
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    Thanks for the headsup. MesoRx(Thinksteroids) is the shit stain of the body building community. I would stay far away from that place. That place claims they aren't a source board, yet they have dozens of advertisers peddling gear in the steroid underground sub-forum. Not to mention like you said, so called respected members are reverse scamming sources and probably other members as well. Most of the so called well known members over there are internet bullies, and will gang up on you if you bump a source, or even ask simple questions because you are a noob.

    Here is a small list of members to stay away from.. I will also add flounder to the list..

    dr jim (claims to be a real doctor, but none of his info could be verified. I checked and cross checked many references in Texas, where he supposedly practices medicine) He does act like he knows what he talks about, but likes to copy and paste and talk in circles. Also, was caught red handed manipulating and posting up fake lab tests results of gear, just to bash a well known source, which has had a pretty flawless record for over 10 years.

    CBS(Censoredboardsucks) biggest crook/con artist over there. Rumored to have been arrested for pedophile. Not sure of exact charge, still working on that, but my source for this info is golden. Also lives in a trailer. Millard Baker the owner of Mesorx also made him a Moderator, and even though its not advertised that he does help out, he has mod powers, and likes to ban people and start trouble with the noobs if you don't agree with him.

    BRUTUS79.. ex-con, one of the biggest bullies on that forum. Likes to fantasize about rape, etc. Also rumored to be involved with pedophile/kid porn, etc.
    Also is a known liar, and actually hired DR JIM to manipulate and post up fake lab results to get a refund and free gear from the source in question.

    JOHNNYBALLZ.. BRUTUS79 sidekick. Owns his own business, and brutus79 actually works for him. Both are based out of Florida area. Another cock sucker, who likes to bully anyone who bumps a source. Likes to post pics of his wifes boobs for free gear..

    millard baker(owner of Mesorx).. Claims to run an uncensored forum, yet still lets guys I mentioned above away with more then most on that forum. Probably because no one questions anything they do. And the few guys that do question them, they get their circle jerk of friends involved and they bully you into probably doing something you never planned on doing and before you know it, your banned. I personally had a confrontation with members over there and was even threatened with bodily harm, rape, etc, and nothing was done about it. Millard baker told me to fight my own battles.. Told him to go fuck himself, and of course I was banned...

    Ill add to the list when I get more info on the members being investigated.
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    Mostly retarded over there 😀

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  7. #7 has decided to not release the names of the individuals that was trying to extort gear.
    At this point, it seems very possible he was trying to receive a larger amount of exposure, by generating drama around his thread.
    Millard Baker, has taken Zeus's allegations seriously, and has openly spoken to Zeus about the matter, and still no names were released.....

    The scammer with the handle Flounder, may have been using multiple accounts to sake down sources (this remains to be confirmed).
    But no others are being singled out as involved in said scam.

    On a side note. Meso member Cdnguy is a profile-collector.
    He keeps profiles on other meso members, by databasing names from multiple resources.
    He is not just collecting info on Meso.
    He is screen shooting members of the community, on multiple boards.
    He databases their profiles, so there info can be cross reference from board-to-board, including members pictures and screen shots.
    He him self has referenced doing this on M&S and has shown screenshots on meso, that he has taken from M&S.
    His MO, is to search members profiles and there posts history from multiple forums in hopes of using them in the future..

    He is in retaliation mode, in response to the afore mentioned scamming shut down..

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    The fact that cdn lies, and has an agenda for making herself look as if he is the new wave of meso gate keeps.

    The problem is meso-rx is a Google indexed forum!

    In other words, when he trolls members by using pictures and screen shots, with post history from multiple boards (including pm's from other members,not just his own, combined with personal history, members ages and what ever he thinks he can find and put together to make his self look like a private investigator ) he is doing LEs work for them.
    All LE has to do is Google your screen name. Then it is all right there on meso-rx.
    Including a list of other screen names, from different forums if the particular member he is databasing happens to have other account...
    It's a sucrity risk, I'm surprised members are comfortable with.

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    Thanks Mrhat for keeping us in the loop. I would advise that you stay away from Mesorx. If you do decide to go there, get a VPN Proxy service and sign up with a new handle and give the board hell.


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