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    Steroid factory in Greece busted tens of millions worth

    Just look at this huge, impressive operation worth tens of millions of euro's

    They made anabolic with instructions from the Internet and even supplied and champions of Body-building. At bay and policeman of department of Sport Tackling Violence. Huge amounts evasion even export 09/12/2016 Categories: NEWS Tags: anabolic , officer , security , Attica , GREECE , mathematician , drugs , Desk News247: For the next 5 years were producing their own and traded hundreds anabolic in Greece and exoteriko.O "brain" was a 30 year old mathematician, while the circuit involved and an officer of the Attica. Extremely dangerous and untested anabolic pills and injectable anabolic trafficked criminal organization over a 5 year period in Greece and abroad, athletes still champions of Body-building. Perpetrators them nobody was chemist or pharmacist and had no knowledge of the object, supplied the raw materials through the Internet from the US, Canada and China and were producing with instructions from the ... internet these formulations, originally a warehouse Agios Dimitrios and then maisonette in Vari. Then, supplied with these formulations, Shops in Thessaloniki and Peristeri in gymnasiums mainly of Athens and Western Attica and customers, gyms, shops, athletes and champions of Body-building in Thessaloniki, Volos, Patras, Zakynthos , Thiva, Larissa, Trikala, Corinth etc. and abroad in Germany, UK, Holland, Hungary, Malta, Italy, etc. "brain" was a 30 year old mathematician who like the other members of the organization declared unemployed, having done only once in the life of the tax statement and yet, had recently bought a luxury sports car brand Audi ... Direct partner was a peer of which is written in the EPO lists as players' agents, while the four key "employees" were two couples their trust with monthly payments of EUR 1,200-1,500 a month, and who undertook to "cook" and to package pills and injectable anabolic ... In the circuit involved and an officer of the Attica Security in Treating Sports Violence and specifically in Mission Protection abroad who was himself user of such substances and give them information about police movements, as in one case that their seemed suspect a rider on a motorcycle with conventional plates watched them and was the Financial Police. Indicative of how dangerous were these formulations is that recorded by the "bug" Authorities telephone conversation, where a member of a criminal organization informs the "brain" that a customer of the athlete of Body-building showed serious heart problems and edema ... Of course, further resulting from laboratory analyzes of the Laboratory of the State and the EMEA. Here are the statements of Economic Police Division Chief and Spokesman of the Greek Police to dismantle the criminal organization, transnational, prepared - and had trafficked in Greece and abroad anabolic at current official presentation of the case: pente Chief Economic Directorate of Police, Maj Emmanuel Ploumis "For the case were arrested after coordinated police operation took place around the Basin of Attica total of 11 Greeks namely 8 men and 3 women, one of whom is a leader member of the organization and an officer of the Greek Police. Within the business identified two synthesizer, a storeroom and eight residences used by the parties for their illegal activities. Anabolic been available to athletes participating in national and international competitions "body building" and people who wanted to improve their physical appearance. Since the amount of research over 500 missions have emerged abroad and corresponding inside ". Greek Police spokesman, Police Deputy Director Theodore Hronopoulos "As I already said the head of the Financial Police Department managed to dismantle a criminal organization with international and domestic action, the members of which were active in the production, distribution and trafficking of anabolic drugs. Following concerted police operation held yesterday, December 8, 2016, in parts of Attica with the Prosecutors assistance, total arrested 11 Greeks, aged 25-35 years, while among the arrested members including one of the two leaders members of the organization and the Greek Police Officer serving in Attica Service. Moreover, it sought to capture the second leader member of the organization. Against the formed file felony nature -in case- for creation and participation in a criminal organization, violation of the law for amateur and professional sports, food fraud, money laundering, for weapons, drugs, forgery, violation of official secrecy and harboring a criminal. For the complete degradation and calibration of the whole range of illegal activities of members of the criminal organization and identify production and storage premises of anabolic drugs, several months prior and thorough police investigation, the contribution Services House information. The survey evaluated and analyzed all information and data obtained, and were used as special investigative techniques and technology. More specifically, calibrated that the organization's members were active at least the last five years, having distinct roles and structured action, while the action methodology, located on three levels. Confiscated Anabolic means More specifically, in the first level of criminal activity, the members of the organization supplied the raw materials, with online orders, received through courier companies than from countries US, Canada and China and were making payments via wire transfer in international money transfer company . At the second level, it emerged that were producing anabolic originally a warehouse, in the Attica region, and then, due to increased production and turnover, their preparation and expanded to house, on the southern outskirts. In both areas, using suitable special machinery to manufacture pills tablets, vial filling - ampoules and placement of medicines into tabs. Note that in the above areas, exclusive access had two bosses members of the organization and 4 persons of their absolute confidence, which worked on payment for the manufacture and packaging of doping. Indeed, to increase their productivity, these members outside of the above areas, performing individual tasks and their homes (affixing labels to ampoules, packing containers, etc.). The third and final stage under the further handling and disposal of anabolic domestically and abroad. Specifically, for their commercial activity in Attica, the involved were supplied with quantities of anabolic steroids, a person, who had the role of intermediary. Then the person is trafficked to other people (dealers), which in the pyramid method undertook further distribution and sale to final users, which include gyms owners in Attica and individuals. Shipments outside Attica (Thessaloniki, Volos, Patras, Zakynthos Thiva, Larissa, Trikala, Corinth etc.) and abroad (Germany, UK, Holland, Hungary, Malta, Italy, etc.), make the bosses States and an employee, using courier companies. Since the amount of research have emerged over 500 missions abroad and corresponding inside. Noteworthy is also the measures receiving the members of the criminal organization to prevent their arrest, and using communication code, trigger the telephone lines that used to foreign elements, while the shipments of packages using false sender information. In the two synthesizer of Attica, were found and seized: special machinery for processing, preparation and standardization of doping and the first of these materials, thousands of formulations doping standardized in pill form - fialidionplithos, content empty, paper tablets packs - ampoules - vials, computer connected to a specific printer, from which produced self-adhesive films, inscribed trade names pills, which epikollountan on packaging. In research conducted at the homes of members of the organization: In the house of the leader member, arrested, found and seized 84,310 pounds, 20,000 euros, Canadian dollars 1785, 4 US dollars, drug tablets, drug vials and packaging materials such, retractable metal rod, a forged identity card and a luxury car. In the broker house was found and seized the amount of 3,920 euros, air pistol and a small quantity of cannabis. In reseller house (dealer) found and confiscated a large number of doping preparations and materials for the preparation thereof and the amount of 5.830 euros. In the houses of career members of the criminal organization found and seized numerous anabolic formulations and materials to standardize them and the amount of 5,000 euros. Regarding the involvement of the Greek Police Officer showed that anabolic sourced from the leader member of the organization arrested, while at the time was in the process of investigation, asked him to provide information pertaining to official secrecy. By decision of the Headquarters of the Greek Police officer was suspended and was ordered against the conduct Sworn Administrative Inquiry. Note that the minimum value of the above formulations are available, amounts for the ampoules of 20

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    Just spoke to them, they will continue and set up a new factory.

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    RonnyT this is Baltic, I'm not sure why you say is a million dollar operation when you can see is just a dungeon with absolutely no sterility and quality control with the cheapest machines ever. The machinery and setup there is less than 15,000$. Totally junk operation! With that setup they put people in danger you can see the filth over there.

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    They have A LOT of machines there and good ones, like you said Baltic. There is a difference with buying machinery if you are allowed (with a permit) and the price of big machinery in Europe. The same with API's.

    They also made Sciroxx and GEP.
    They didn't care for sterility and police overheard a phonecall that made clear they where not interested in the health of their clients.
    But they made a lotta money, really millions. As a afterburner many guys where arrested in different countries and its not over yet..

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    Bro is a ZP-8 or so press and a DPP-80 blister, both not more than 5000$ aggregated cost. The vial filling station is the most basic one that is not more than 4000$. I'm telling you, 15,000$ being generous...

    Are you sure they made GEP? Is this sure info? I haven't seen any GEP products in the video.

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    Fuck that
    I'll stick with what's good lol

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    That video was pretty disgusting, just saying...... But we all roll the dice, now dont we?


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