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    Sus 250mg, Tren E 250mg, Equipoise 250mg, Dbol 10mg, HGH.

    Hi guys,

    I'm taking at the moment,

    Sus 250 2ml (once a week)
    Tren E 250 1ml (once a week)
    Equipoise 250 1ml (once a week)
    Dbol 10mg 50mg (taken throughout the day, 5 days a week)
    HGH 4iu (taken in the morning once a day)

    Ive used at lot of gear in my time, but I have never ran a cycle this juicey before, Just wanted to get some feedback if this is oK? Or maby someone can tell me a better way. I'm all ears!

    Ive put on 5kg in two weeks, Good strength/size gains, a lot of water retention ATM, apatite has gone thru the roof, the cycle feels potent.

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    U are taking stack in ur first cycle...?

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    Its good to use only eqiopose 300ml in a week is enough. And another stuff can use in second cycle.

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