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Thread: Primo questions

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    Primo questions

    Not my first cycle (7th actually) however it's my first time using Primo. What is a good dosage per week for a first time user? and what should I expect from Primo? Pros and Cons?

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    My 1st is up n coming. I was helped and guided by someone else who competes who said to run 1000mg of test & primo. I am probably gonna start with 800 of both. I saw on plenty of forums guys saying no less than 600.

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    600 is all u need if its quality primo been using it for a year straight and 600 is all i take!

    Dont expect massive gains but u will see results that no other compound will give you

    It gives u a nice look, fit, lean, caps your shoulders out beitiful

    ii'd love to give naps primo a try when i have a chance!

    been trying many dif labs primo. right now im on my 5th type of primo this year!

    got burn a lot years ago just recently this year stated getting legit stuff and been runningwit it ever since

    1g a week is over kill

    600-700 is all u need brother

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    700mg/week. I haven't taken primo in a long time but I remember the results being significantly better at 700mg than at 560mg. I think that more might help if you are already well above your natural potential, but you might suffer worse sides if you went much higher.

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    I run primo every summer. Like the members above said, 6-700mg weekly is perfect for anyone. I do 100mg/ED, or you can do 200mg EOD.


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