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    Test cypionate cycle

    After My Surgery 2 years ago i lost a lot of weight along with it a lot of muscle was feeling week and after the help of my cousin and this forum i have to say that my second cycle of Test cyp it has given me incredible strength and some of the muscle back. Just wanted to thanks you all for the information and insight you make available to people to read and research.

    Current cycle

    Test cypionate only 250mg 2x a week Monday and Thursday
    Arimidex on hand if needed.

    Pct Ready for use after 12 weeks of cycle. currently on week 5 On Week 5.

    Weight now 165 from 160 when i began 16% percent body fat but it seems to stay there always. Increased my Running time to work some calories but but body fat seems the same except for some definition. I see mass coming in and im super strong but I'm doing more reps that heavy weight.

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    Awesome, glad to hear that brother.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBig View Post
    Awesome, glad to hear that brother.

    Hey Mr Big. I have one Question after diligent reading there are many different views on using HCG while on cycle. Although I expected my nuts to shrink they have shrunk a lot? Will the PCT Bring them back at the end of the cycle or should i incorparate some HCG as a precaution now? I didnt think they would shrink that much?

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    They come back. Hcg will make them produce quicker but they come back when they start producing naturally. Thats normally when people lose the muscle, during the few weeks it takes for the testicles to start back production.

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    Great cycle to get back into it. Good to see a smart "starter" cycle based on sound research. Regarding the HCG: It has been my experience that using during the cycle - starting 2 to 4 weeks in and running up to the start of pct at 300 to 500 per week or every five days works best. Some guys go longer between injections and dose larger amounts but that really didn't work for me and dosing large amounts into your stomach fat at one time sucks. For me - using the above schedule proved to maintain more of my testicular size and its made my rebound much quicker during pct. As always, experience varies from person to person but I've experimented with HCG with about 5 or 6 cycles and I plan to include it from now on. Hope this helps.
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    Wanted to thanks all the Wonderful information on this site.

    Just a quick Follow up. Things went well. I began this cycle at a weight of 160 ran this cycle a total of 12 weeks. At the end of twelve weeks i was weighing 178. i began the pct after the 3 week waiting period and i finished that on today. I quickly realized the weight was coming off but i was losing the water i held during the cycle. Im at a weight of 172 and most of the gains are there and i can see some more definition. Ill do blood work in the next couple of weeks and after 8 weeks recovery start to plan the next Test Cycle.


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