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    First time user?


    i'm 20, almost 21 and I was considering using some form of pro-hormone/steroid supplement for a short time to help me lose some fat weight, and heal up any injuries i might have (i think i have slightly torn my left subscapularis)

    What supplements would work best, in what amounts, and would they have any long lasting negative side effects?

    I just want to take it, heal up. and stop..

    So i'm not really looking to be taking anything in large amounts? Any suggestions? Thanks! :)

    Thanks! :)

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    For healing purposes, you should run Deca 150-200 per week no longer than 10 weeks. You should probably run a base of test at no more than 200 per week. That is if you are really interested in healing up. Start pct 2 weeks after last of deca for 12 weeks.

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    First, your to young, second, steroids are not a magic pill that makes you lean and muscular. Train and diet correctly and you'll do just fine. You have a shit load of Test running through your body at the age you are now, don't fuck it up by running a cycle at this early age.
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