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    PCT for first cycle, what to expect?

    So im just about to nip it in the bud with my 16 week testosterone enanthate cycle, i was originally planning to do just 12 but I got scared of going on PCT as I've read a lot of people saying its the worst time of their lives but is it really that bad? Im very nervous about getting off the juice as I got a calculus course this summer that I have to pass so need to be able to perform at 110% and not suffer from severe brain fog or something similar...Other than that it was a good fucking cycle, I packed on 44 fucking lbs, i am aware that some of it is water and fat but not concerned about that, arms grew from 13 inches to 17 inches, everything pretty much grew except for my forearms which I originally was hoping to get bigger as they have always been undeveloped, only gained an inch on my forearms which im not happy with considering the time I spent destroying them. But yeah...what should I expect and how long do you guys feel shitty if at all? Thanks for reading this.

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    This is just an update, PCT isn't bad at all, I read so many horrible stories about going into PCT that I was scared. I feel great on 100mg of clomid daily. I am horny, have lots of sexy dreams, balls are back to size (probably bigger than they were before because of the clomid), loss of appetite and ED are the only things I got. I am down 4lbs and its 4 weeks since my last shot. Havent lost much size/strength, but ive lost some. Ive been really motivated lately and hoping things will just get better from here on now.


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