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Thread: Hgh only

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    Hgh only

    Has anyone else tried Naps gray tops?

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    Im on the black tops from Naps, but only 3 days in Ill let you know how they go.

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    just ordered some be a while but will update as well as I go.

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    In 3ed week on grays, tingly hands for about a week, 2iu daily. .mOre bathroom time for both reasons. Stomach is a little flatter already from tHat. Got a nervous like feeling during the day for this last week, could be my sugar.

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    Was it your sugar? I've been on grey tops for 2 months and thinking I'm having sugar issues as well. Not sure what to do. Ive took blue tops before for 9 months and don't remember but my memory isn't always that good. About to order black tops and maybe start checking my sugar levels. I do currently have a high iron issue that I'm dealing with though as well from building up over last two years on and am now off 1 month.

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    I've been running the yellow tops for 1 weeks and the main thing i noticed is m always hungry....

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    I tried black tops for 2 weeks. It's not bad.


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