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    Frustrated with elbow pain.

    Just recently off my cycle, things have been going fine, lifted a little heavier than normal on one of my workouts, and it caused some slight pain in my elbow.
    I continued working out, hitting arms twice a week, now its pretty painful.

    I tried going super light on my arms workout today and i still have elbow pain in my right arm. Even when doing something as light as 10lb dumbell curls.

    Whats the remedy for this and how long am I expected to take off of arms/using my elbow?

    Thanks guys.

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    That's a toughy... my first cycle was almost wrecked by joint pain caused by winstrol.... it took several weeks to go away when i discontinued. Only advice I can give is go for a couple weeks of rigid arm compounds so you aren't completely off and get your arms worked as stabilizers without aggravating the joints with concentric motions.

    best of luck.

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    Thanks brother, I appreciate the advice. I am going on vacation in two weeks, so I am taking a full week off of working out and just doing baby arm excersises until then.

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    After years of battling misc shoulder, elbow, and forearm pains..

    I could work through the elbow and shoulders, but not the forearm. It keeps re-aggravating. It is to a point now, I can not flex my left bicep.

    Last week I decided I had to take a break to get everything shaped back up. Took a week off. Back in today for a simple chest workout. Will probably avoid triceps, biceps, and back stuff for the next week.

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    Rest is the only thing that will cure joint pain. Which is probably tendonitis. DMSO also helps. A 2 to 3 week treatment worked for me. I had bad tendonitis. It took a year , but now there is no sign of it.


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