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    Little girl

    Damn, just finished second cycle, got amazing results. Was jacked up.

    On my PCT now -clomid- and good lord do I feel like an emotional chick.

    I didnt experience this at all on my last cycle, however; I messed up and didnt take a PCT.

    What should I do/expect this time around? Is there a way to remidy the feelings I have?
    How long does someone typically feel like this?

    Thanks gents, as always.

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    Coming off can be a downer, especially with clomid thrown in there. I only pct'd twice. Once with clomid (depressed), once with nolva(broke out like crazy). Gonna be like that till you're done with the pct. How old are you? At 42, I never come off anymore and just cruise at 125mg/wk or so.

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    Dang, based on what I am thinking about taking, maybe I should slowly cycle down of the test and avoid clomid?????
    Just looking at an oral test....

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    No pct - go hrt?

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    Well, it was just for the first couple days. I feel good now, keeping some solid gains which I am happy about.
    Thanks guys!

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    Great to hear that you got an amazing result! I am thinking about it...

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    How many cycle you will continue?
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    Hey brother, I just saw your response on this thread.
    I am about to kick up another cycle soon, to answer your question.
    This will be my 6th, Test only cycle


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