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    gh in the fridge.

    I have two box gh it is better in the fridge or if she is not open . it is possible to have out of fridge

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    No, always put it in the refrigerator! It will degrade very quickly if you leave it at room temperature.
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    thanks many thanks

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    HGH is fragile and needs to be protected from both the light and the heat. hgh should be stored in a cool fridge 36 - 46 degrees Fahrenheit or 2-6 degrees Centigrade before and after its reconstitution; UNLESS you are using the products JTPN or SAIZEN. These two don't require constant refridgeration; and almost all brands of somatropin (hGh) need to be stored, shipped and remain in a refrigerated location. There two brands (JTPN/JINTROPIN & SAIZEN) can survive normal room temperature during storage and shipping; however only before the mixture or the reconstitution. All hgh brands need to be refridgerated after being reconstituted (mixing the lyophilized poweder and the bacteriostatic water).


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