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    Tren A + Tri Tren Questions

    2 weeks into my cycle, been doing 1ml eod. Started off with Tri Tren, now I am going to switch them each time I pin. Started my Tren A yesterday. I am also taking a PCT along with a "prohormone" that I bought a month or so ago at my local nutrition shop (lol I know). Don't have signs of gyno yet, hopefully won't but that is my fear.. I mean c'mon who wants titties? I am asking if I should get on cabaser or prami just to be sure? Also what are your thoughts on runnin clen 2 on 2 off? I just want to do a cutting cycle, so test prop wasn't really necessary (or so I think). Love to get some input on what y'all think I do or add?

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    If you control estrogen, prolactin will be less likely to cause issues. My suggestion is to use arimidex on cycle. You said you are using PCT. PCT means POST cycle therapy. So thats what you do AFTER the cycle. You can't recover until you after you are off gear. For PCT you can use clomid or nolvadex after the cycle. For now, arimidex. And you can have caber on hand, but no need to take something if you don't need it. If you start to suffer sexual dysfunction or begin experiencing liquid at the nipple, then add the caber, but this will not cause gyno. Its the estrogen that will. So stick with the adex.

    Also, you need to use test as a base in this cycle or you will feel awful when your test crashes. Natural production will shut off. So get any form of test in. Does not have to be prop. Test E or cyp can be managed just as easily with adex and you can stay dry and diet down. I'd get that in the cycle ASAP brother
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