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    Beautiful blondes what is more attractive
    Brande Nicole Roderick - Kristin Nicole - Nicolette Shea - Charlotte-McKinney

    they are stunning..
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    more Nicolette Shea
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    Finally, we get back to the true Eyecandy forum. Thanks, Ronny T!

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    brande that too
    Brande Nicole Roderick ain't that eyecandy..
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    I have seen women like this in person. They can have a powerful influence on men. These women belong to the Nordic peoples. The ancient Roman historian Tacitus, described the Germanic tribes in the 1st century AD as being blond haired, blue eyes and milky white skin. He made that famous statement "They were all like that".

    Now according to the science of population demographics, the European white man will go extinct in 150 years. This is primarly due to a low birth rate. You need a birth rate of 2.1 to keep the population stable. European countries have birth rates of 1.2 to 1.7 for white people. It dosen't look like there is any way out of this.


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