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    IGF-1 LR3 never used anything trying it for anti-ago weight loss

    I used to be a fitness competitor. This sounds like a miracle drug. What dose do I start with a day? How long should it take to see results? I have not trained in awhile does it give you motivation? Any info for first time users would be greatly appreciate. .
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    Savvygirl, did you ever get any answers or info for your question? I'm looking into this. Ow and need some info of my own.

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    Personally I don't think you should take IGF-1 Lr3. Mostly if women want IGF-1 (LR3 modification to inject sub-q) what they need is rhGH (Growth Hormone) read this link because GH acts as a kind pro-hormone to IGF-1

    My wife just started a cycle of GH and she is very happy with it.

    When men and women get into menopause or andropause, many hormones are declined, acting on fatstorage, -mood - libido etc..

    My next blogpost will be about female sexuality, since the female libido is typical for a good hormonal balance. Bloodtests are crucial to find out if you need to supplement/inject.

    If you are interested I wrote a few blogposts about Gh etc


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