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    Pestos low dosage lean out

    Went from cruise @250 weekly test e...for 2 months
    Since mid January i am
    currently running
    1 shot a week 1cc test e 250mgs 1cc deca 250mgs
    1cc mast e 250mgs
    Total 750 total weekly
    Diet consist of carb cycling mostly low days higher on leg days and back days each week is different carbs r viewed and taken in as an as needed fuel source.
    Body weight is 222lbs at 9.36%

    Once body fat hits sub 8% I will change cycle.

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    So gonna run a cut mix SIGMA brand the regular tren ace is fire as hell so with the cut mix I'm gonna run 1/2cc sust@125mgs and 1/2cc cut mix which equals 50mgs tren 50mgs mast prop 50 mgs prop mwf. I know the mast is a waste at that dosage but I want to show what lower dosages and old fashioned hard ass mother fucking work can do for your physique. Alot of dudes want to run 500mgs of this and that and blah blah I'm not scared of high dosages at all but let's see what low dosage can do for me here... any feedback back from u Bros is greatly appreciated and comments feedback all welcome. U can see my other log in train hard and hit good numbers on the barbells so I'm not a dainty bodybuilder I train with intent hard as fuck. Love this site it's slow moving but it's the only one I log cycles on. Hope to have some activity in here also the other brothers logs. Chime in if u have any ideas when somebody is logging it helps motivate us and u it's all here to learn, and help each other so we will continue to see how I get on.

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    I'm in mate.
    I start my cutting cycle next saturday too for 12 weeks
    I'll make a log here too.

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    We r back at it again it seems!

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    Also going to try out some anadrol for the first time only at 50mgs a day though I gonna wait until body fat is around 8%ish to change any thing up.

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    Progress pic

    220lbs 9%ish now
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    Progress pic

    Back looking a little better I'm flat as fuxk and worn out here. 3rd day with some anadrol thrown in.... bodybuilding was 9.06% according calipers. My hams are showing a little definition so that's an improvement
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    Looking lean and mean man 😀

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    Scale said 228 lbs today. Must be the anadrola.... diet the same training going great body fat dropping.

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    Depleted back to 225 since Monday at 228
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