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    Italy: Police seize €2 mil. worth of performance-enhancing drugs at Milan airport

    A seizure of banned performance-enhancing drugs was carried out by authorities at the Malpensa Airport near Milan on Wednesday. In total, 350,000 'doses' of non-permitted substances and pharmaceutical products with a value of €2 million ($2,247,700) was seized in the operation.

    Police arrested one suspect at midday on Wednesday and led him away for questioning. Thousands of tablets, vials, ointments, and syringes were later taken from the scene.

    Authorities are currently on the hunt for 31 more suspects in connection with the seizure.

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    I heard naps took a hit recently too??

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    Damn. Thats aggressive, sucks Naps got hit too. I just placed an order as well.

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    I kind of doubt it's true. but who knows. there's a bunch of naps haters.

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    Guys, if you noticed your post deleted, it's because you were talking about shipping details. Please keep that off the board
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