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Thread: Trt testing

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    Trt testing

    so I had my bloodwork done. Total test came back at 226/ng. Doc that helped me with my labs said that should be low enough for trt. But of course I have to see a different doctor. So I set up the appointment and now it's been like two weeks. I'm wondering, my levels should be the same right? I've got two days till my appointment, is there anything I can eat or something to help keep my test levels low? I've been reading about all these people who were low like me and the doc still wouldn't prescribe them trt.

    Thank you

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    Depends on the doc. 226 is legit for trt, but some don't want to deal with trt. If that's the case find a new doc, or if $$ is not a big obstacle go to a trt specific doc.

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    Unless you did something to manipulate your test levels to make them lower, I would not imagine your levels would be any different a couple weeks later.
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