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    Pfizer? Eli Lilly? SAIZEN? Serum HGH, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Black (which to buy?)

    Sorry if I am repeating someone else's question. I didn't find any answers to this question. I'm looking into HGH and it looks like the more affordable route for me is to go with Serum. Reviews I've read on the different colors all say it's great, but is there a difference an what is it? Does anyone have any recommendations? The only differences I can find are the ng/ml are slightly different.

    Grey - 26.1 ng/ml
    Black - 25.4 ng/ml
    Blue - 24.2 ng/ml
    Yellow - 25.7 ng/ml
    Black - 25.4 ng/ml

    How about the more expensive HGH brands from Naps? My understanding is HGH all do the same thing? Well, why are other pharma's brand so expensive?

    Eli Lilly

    I mean, if it's worth the dollar amount for significant reason or less side effects I'd be willing to go the extra mile in spending the money.

    Thanks for any responses.

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    You can buy/sell any color cap. And the dosage is available in 2-4-6-8-10 etc iu. Many guys buy low dosed rhGH and sell it as 10 iu. Even the brand GH is often counterfeited. You must be in the know to know where and what to buy and how to use it in your cycle.

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    Stick with hygetropin if u cant afford the expensive gh

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    I got the blue tops. Question the actual substance inside. Tons of filler, vials not vacuum sealed. After a shitload of research, thinking I was taking GHRP-6. And not to mention my IGF levels actually dropped!


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