Wanderlei Silva Calls Aldo-McGregor KO “An Accident,” Threatens to Slap McGregor For Bashing Jesus

If there’s two things that Wanderlei Silva has become known for in his post-fighting career, it’s posting creepy, borderline unintelligible videos to his social networks and threatening to slap the sh*t out of people. And while the man has arguably raised some good points about the state of fighter pay, it’s growing harder and harder to take him seriously when those points are threateningly delivered in a dimly-lit room while heavy metal and/or techno blasts in the background.

So a credit is due to Silva for stripping away some of the more distracting elements in his most recent effort, wherein he calls for an immediate rematch between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo and threatens to slap the “Notorious” one should they ever meet face to face.

The video was posted to Silva’s Facebook page the day after UFC 194, but the entire thing is in Goldbergian Japanese (aka Portuguese), so check out a full translation below via MMAFighting.

I’m here to support one of the greatest champions, our greatest champion, Jose Aldo. You continue to be our great champion. Wanderlei Silva continues to be your fan. I like you, I know what you can do, and I know you know that too. That has happened to be too, I’ve been through a moment like this you’re going through now.

And this promotion, if they don’t give (Aldo) the immediate rematch, we will criticize them. How? Everybody saw it was an accident, this a–hole was lucky. And when I meet this guy, for everything he said about Jesus, I will slap this motherf–ker in the face. You can’t do that. You can’t play with our God. When I meet you, raise your hand because you’re getting slapped in the face, you punk.

I’ll tell you this: it hurts. It hurts. A warrior feels this pain with the loss. I know you will walk through this and show you still are the best fighter in the world. Don’t listen to the critics. I want to ask Brazilians to support our champion. Hold back the jokes. If you have any garbage inside your heart, don’t throw it outside. Keep it to yourself. Don’t criticize our champion. Our champion needs support.

He represents us for a long time. A guy that lived in a gym, had nothing, and became the best fighter in the world, deserves out respect to say the least. Aldo, I’m with you. You’re our champion, and that won’t change anything.

Our major takeaway from this video: No Brazilian has or ever will lose a fight fair and square; extenuating circumstances are almost always to blame. Jose Aldo didn’t simply overcommit and walk right into the power hand of Conor McGregor (like McGregor predicted he would), he had an “accident.” As a matter of fact, we guarantee that if you slow down the footage of his final moments as champion, you’ll see him slipping on a piece of ice placed by in the octagon by that goddamn Dana White.

We kid, but as much as it would arguably make sense for Aldo to receive an immediate rematch — Cain Velasquez and Ronda Rousey are getting just that, and their losses were far less “flukey” than Aldo’s — it would be even harder to see the UFC selling McGregor/Aldo 2 to casual audiences, given the time it took for the first fight to actually come to fruition and the payoff (or lack thereof) it resulted in. As great as a champion as Aldo was, it’s just not a likely scenario that he’ll receive an immediate rematch against a guy with an extremely limited window left at 145 lbs anyways (which opens a whole other can of worms).

Still though, you have to love how the impetus for this whole video seemed to be McGregor’s assertion that he’d “whoop Jesus’ ass” in the octagon, as if he was speaking from the heart and considering it as his next matchup. We can only hope that Wanderlei has never seen Dogma, or else Kevin Smith will have one unholy ass-kicking coming his way.

Our advice to McGregor, though, should Wanderlei attempt to make good on his promise? GO FOR THE DOUBLE LEG!