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    Quote of the Day:Chris Weidmans Loss to Luke Rockhold Was “Needed and Deserved"

    Quote of the Day:Chris Weidmans Loss to Luke Rockhold Was “Needed and Deserved"

    It’s hard not to see Chris Weidman‘s brutal defeat at the hands of Luke Rockhold on Saturday as being swept under the rug in favor of all this “Conor McGregor obliterating Jose Aldo” business. If you ask us, it’s for the best, because we happen to appreciate Chris Weidman: The Person just as much as Chris Weidman: The Fighter. Rockhold can be as handsome as he wants, but he ain’t saving no old ladies in between fights and shitting in the trash cans of his future wife, that’s for sure. Dude’s got the personality of a Wheat Thin compared to The Chris, and we say that as the unbiased, legitimate, journalistically integritous reporters that some of you on Facebook seem to think we are.

    In any case, Weidman took his first career loss like a champion, sticking around for his post-fight interview and gutting it through Joe Rogan’s always insufferable questions. As you might expect, he’s been keeping away from social media in the days since, because like we said, some of you people on it are the worst. Yesterday, however, Weidman broke his silence via a Facebook post that is just so f*cking classy, you guys, so check it out after the jump.

    “I will remember this moment forever,” wrote Weidman.

    “It has already changed me for the better. The motivation I have inside myself has never been stronger. I did not feel like myself in there for many reasons but it was a loss that I needed and deserved. I have been playing back different moments in the fight where i didn’t do or react the way I should have but this was all part of a true master plan that God has in store for me. I will be back and I will be champion again. I just wanna let everyone know that I am ok. I am so blessed with an amazing family, friends, team and fans. Thank you all so much for the support. It means more now than ever.”

    How anyone can claim to dislike this guy is beyond me. Weidman’s a family man, keeps a level head, is humble in both victory and defeat, and is still somehow mean enough to punch a f*cking hole in your chest should you ever step out of line. He should be the next President of the United States, for Christ’s sake, not groveling amongst the Tapout-donning dudebros our once noble sport has been infected with! In my professional, unbiased opinion, I kind of wish that Chris Weidman was my big brother.

    While it’s obviously too early to see what will happen to Weidman next — a former champion receiving an immediate rematch after getting torched seems oddly out of the question all of a sudden, unless you’re Ronda Rousey or Cain Velasquez — it’s evident that he’s taken a lot away from his loss, at least. And knowing is half the battle.

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    Im pretty much astounded that this wasnt in place already. Seems like something thats an obviously necessary piece of setting up the league in the first place. Oh well, its done now, before the start of the season, so I guess thats early enough.


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