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    Girlfriend wanting to start a cycle

    My girlfriend has been dabbling in research on cycles for women. She is interested in starting her first cycle soon.
    I have read a few of the threads about that topic on here -Primaily from FIST- but still know little on the subject.

    My girlfriend is telling me that the best AAS for her would be Primobolan. She said the second best would be an Anavar Cycle.

    Anyway, I would love your guys input on what you think would be best between those two, and then also:

    How long is the cycle?
    What does her PCT consist of?

    Thanks guys.

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    Girls always go with anavar ...
    Make sure you get the real deal could be winstol.
    No a clue about doses..

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    Here a good list of gear that female can use without to many issues.

    Trijodthyronin, Cytomel
    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
    The Rules At Juiced Muscle (everyone please read)!!!
    Chat Box Talk And Rules
    No Soliciting Websites In Your Signatures

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    Ide say small dosage of legit gh would b the safest bet would b more affordable for a female doesn't have to use near as much for benefits. This is just my opinion look it up and research for sure

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    Awesome, thanks guys. I appreciate the feed back a ton.
    Anyone have any experience with Primobolan?
    My girl is sold out and believes its better than Anavar, she could be right, I just dont know.

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    Hard to find that and it b legit and not eq or low dosed test be careful if u shoot primo and it's really eq not that big deal but if she does its gonna effect her, make sure what u get is what it's supposed to b

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    Awesome, thanks for the advice Pestosterone. I looked up several things and it looks like a Anavar & Clen cycle would be the best.

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    I agree with the anavar and clen cycle I've been watching this thread all day to see what everyone else says,as my girlfriend's friend was asking me the same thing. I just think that anything else is too strong for women but is also always personal opinion... keep us updated and let me know how everything goes bro, and good luck with everything...

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    Primo 50 mg per week 20 mg anavar a day 10 mg Nolvadex a day .it's mild and works no sides no water with a clean diet

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    I have a friend on this cycle it's going good


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